Athletic Training Room Rules

1)    Treat everyone with RESPECT, everyone and every sport is treated equal.

2)    No loitering in the athletic training room. It is not the place to hangout, if you have someone waiting for you they need to wait in the hall.

3)    Sign in to the daily treatment “Log” before utilizing any training room service (including getting ice). When signing in be sure to give the correct information.

4)    The use of curse words or use degrading language in the athletic training room is prohibited.

5)    No food or drink is allowed in the athletic training room.

6)    The use of cell phones in a disturbing manner is not allowed in the training room.

7)    You are in charge of clean up after yourself and leaving the training room as it was found.  This also means if you are given something from the training room you are responsible for either bringing it back or throwing it in the trash.

8)    Practice good hygiene if  want to be treated, this means showering before you come into the training room.

9)    Shoes will be kept off the treatment tables and or by the door, and outside if dirty.  NO CLEATS ANYWHERE INSIDE THE SCHOOL!!

10)  You cannot miss class to be seen by the athletic trainer, unless it is acceptable and approved by all parties involved.

11)   If you are not taped regularly for practice you cannot be taped just for a game.  There needs to be a solid reason for you to be taped.  Taping is done for preventative measure and medical use only, not for appearance.

12)   You are required to show up to injury treatments when they are scheduled (this includes ice). If you do not show up, you will risk losing all future training room services for that injury and/or conditioning will apply.  This also includes wearing and brining braces/equipment that is required/recommended by the doctor or ATC.

13)   Please wait until all in season athletes are taken care of before receiving treatments for out of season athletes.

14)   School dress code applies in the training room wear appropriate and modest dress when in the athletic training room. Underwear shalt not be seen and cleats shalt not be worn when inside the building.

15)   Athletes shall not loiter near the athletic trainers’ desks nor disturb any of the athletic trainers ‘belongings, unless told to by the athletic trainer.

16)   No one should enter the athletic training room unless a Certified Athletic Trainer has’ first unlocked the room and are present or nearby. (This goes for Coaches as well).

17)   Treatments cannot be rendered unless a Certified Athletic Trainer is present in the athletic training room (ice does not count).

18)   Nothing should be taken from the athletic training room (kits, coolers, equipment, physicals~ etc.) without the consent of the Certified Athletic Trainer.

19)   Thou shalt not lie to the Athletic Trainer for any reason, especially relating to injury honesty is the best policy.

20) Any injury needs to be reported to the athletic trainer first before you go see a doctor, if it isn’t before it needs to be before you return to practice (the next day).

21) If you go to the Doctor for a school related injury you need to fill out a Tennessee Risk Management Athletic & Student Accident Notification of Injury form. The form needs to be returned within 3 days without penalty.  If it is returned after the 3 days there will be some sort of conditioning punishment.