Bears News · Last Group of Scholarships

The school year is coming to a close and there is one last group of signees for college scholarships we need to mention. As the school year comes to a close there were three student-athletes that have inked their desire to compete on the college level.

Alex Finley signed for track with Tennessee Wesleyean College, Trey Hicks signed for wrestling with MTSU and Jennifer Corbit signed for softball with Motlow College.

All in all there have been 21 signees overall, a school record number. These students have shown that they had the academic and athletic ability to go to the next level in their careers. They are examples of what a student athlete can do if they have the drive and discipline to not only participate in athletics but to maintain a high level of academic achievement.

We hope these students experience the same level of success they had in High School in College.corbit signing softball alex finley trey hicks signing 005